This I Believe

James - Crystal Lake, Colorado
Entered on May 22, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: hope, work

This I Believe


I believe in the transformative power of dreams. I don’t mean the dreams we have after we quit for the day and go sleep. I’m talking about the dreams we have while we’re wide-awake. Not daydreams or dreams of winning the lottery or calling the winner of the Kentucky Derby. Rather, I’m talking about the kind of dream with the power to inspire a person to the purpose and persistence necessary to change their life.

I’ve come to this belief late in my life. After loosing my job in the dot com bubble bust of 2001 at age 50, I’ve come to believe that it is dreams that have and give us the power to change our lives.

By 2003, I came to believe that I could create a publishable novel and work began. I did initial research on my idea and then started writing. The writing came in fits and starts, but the dream never left me.

One long interruption to writing the book was caused by a new dream, a dream born in the pursuit of yet a third dream. While creating a database to help me market and sell my photographs I realized that there might be others who could use an application like this to help them pursue similar dreams. I realized that I had a product with significant potential. A new dream took over my life, the dream of creating a software application and the company to sell it.

While waiting for consultants to finish the application I had designed and built, I finished writing my novel and began looking for a publisher.

To make a long story short, I have transformed myself from an unemployed corporate slave looking for a new master, to an entrepreneur selling a product of my own design, a soon to be published author, and a photographer with photographs on exhibit.

Sure it was my hard work and persistence that accomplished the goal, but the goal wouldn’t have been there, the work wouldn’t have started, and the persistence wouldn’t have lasted had it not been for the dream.

I believe that every accomplishment made by man or humankind is the result of someone’s dream.