This I Believe

Michael - Bay Point, California
Entered on May 22, 2006
Age Group: 65+
Themes: setbacks

There is only one problem in life.

This I learnt from all the work, joy and suffering I have seen and, oh yes, and experienced.


Our hopes and expectations are, most often groundless or, worse, based on bias and, even, prejudices of all kinds.

If we could accept that our expectations are in our mind, the product of many influences, some under our control, some not. But, the expectations are in our mind, subject to change by learning from expsrience and changing them -we control them.

The problem we most always is that reality does not meet our expectations. Yes, change the world, if you can.

But, if you find that after enough time the world does not respoond to our wishes, it may be time to consider the “Serenity Prayer” and use the wisdom you have to reconsider your expectation.

Good Luck! It may take a lifetime.