This I Believe

Peter - Calabasas, California
Entered on May 22, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

This I believe.

Twenty-three years ago, my parents left their native Chinese city of Goungzhou (Canton) and came to this country, hoping to make a better life for themselves, for me and for my sister. I believe that they have succeeded.

From the first days of our new lives, they struggled hard earn a living wage. They worked low-end jobs, often for Chinese business owners, who pay below or near minimum wages. For the past twenty years, they worked 12-hour shifts. My sister and I seldom see them during they week.

They energy and drive inspired both of us. We worked hard to earn good grades in school. We both graduated from college. In two weeks, my sister will be graduating from Stanford’s medical school and begin her residency training in Urology.

They “American dream” did come true for my family. However, it did not come true without a great deal of sacrifices. I missed not able to spend more time with my folks. As a teen, I dreaded not able ask them for help with my daily problems, both academic and social. Throughout the materialistic eighties, both my sister and I got by with the public transit and subsidized cafeteria meals.

Now, I have a little 2-year old daughter of my own. I have the same dream and aspirations for her, as my parents did for me. In America, this I believe, one generation can provide a better future for the next. If one work hard and play by the rules, one can build him or her-self a better, more secure future.