This I Believe

Michael - Tonganoxie, Kansas
Entered on May 19, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work


I think of this everyday: practice makes perfect. I believe practice makes perfect because, You probably wont be able to get a good reliable job if you are not good at the occupation. Imployers do not want worthless workers. Personally I would like to open up a auto detailing shop. So I have been trying to reach that goal by practicing im off to a good start because I have worked on about ten cars and thetas not little things but I have done it all from engine work to interior my dad has made hi dream by making a buisness in upholstery.

Many of things require practice thetas why theres college to get practice like jewelers they have to know the names or these jewelry. Reporters have to have allot of charisma and they would probably go to a school for that. Artist have to have allot of detail in there work and they would go art school. Police officers, pilots, roofers, dry wallers, electricians, plumber, brick layers, etc. all have to have some type of degree. To be a weather personel you have to know what the weather will do by radar and youre own instincts. Even in the army you have to work you are not way up to a higher rank.

I have been practicing my whole life so i can write this essay its not hat good but I still studied and finished. I think that every one can relate to what I have beenn saying. Just think about it you can probably think of alot more in life that envolves practicing. Think of youre life and how this essay has effected you and peoples lifes. See if it made you think about life different because it has made me.