This I Believe

Dane - Tonganoxie, Kansas
Entered on May 19, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe

Do all human’s believe the same? Everyone should have experienced that to be no. I believe everyone believes weird stuff but it’s not there faults where they were born because that is what would have influenced what we do in life.

Everyone who has been born was raised a precise way. So the way everyone has gone through life will be bent into a belief depending where they were born. So subconsciously we pick a belief because we agree with it by is limited experience.

People go crazy from lack of something or a terrible thing happened to them so they bend their mind into doing whatever. While people who were bad might see and get what his there heart wants and start becoming good because they got compassion while the others didn’t

I have had an easy life. I’m pretty lazy but I have never been shot at or anything remotely scary. I m not going to say my belief is right because I have never lived a life to drive me to do anything drastic. But if I was born somewhere that my mind thinks is bad I would probably believe many other things and maybe the mind I have now is crazy. I believe a different way but it’s only from what experiences. This is why the world is so different and why so many things happen.

I’m not sure if what I wrote is a philosophy but its something I understand about the world. You may have not understood what I am trying to say but try hard to be happy and try to have a strong belief. Remember everyone has had a perspective and have had things happen to them so try to remember they have had other events change them like ones that have happen to you.