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Emily - Pennsburg, Pennsylvania
Entered on May 19, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

15 February 2006

There’s No Business Like Show Business

Only dancers know the beat of the music, the joy and sorrow, the mishaps and love of dance. As Irving Berlin once wrote, “There’s no business like show business!” and it is, oh, so true. If you ever consider dancing, you need to know these few golden rules:

Golden Rule #1: Always keep safety pins on hand.

At my last dance performance, my dance instructor gave me a ruby red, sparkly pair of pants to wear. When it was show time I realized, “Oh no! My pants are too big!” Too late! I had to go onstage to perform my tap dance to “Steam Heat” from the popular show Fosse. Near the end of my dance I had to quickly yank up my pants as they started to inch towards my knees. As people were leaving, a guy about my age came up to me and said, “Good dance, bad wedgie.” Thus, always keep safety pins on hand.

Golden Rule #2: Always carry cheap, sticky hairspray with you.

At a 2004 dance recital my class and I had to perform a jazz and then, tap dance. At practice the night before the performance everything went okay. When it was show time, we went out there on stage, the curtains opened, and the lights were so bright we could only see the front row. We began to move. As my classmate went to do a simple

Fritz 2

hitch kick, she landed and slipped right on her butt. She recovered quickly, but our next dance was tap. We thought swiftly and used my friend’s cheap hairspray on the bottom of our taps. Needless to say: always carry cheap, sticky hair spray with you.

Golden Rule #3: Always put your recital music on cassette tapes, NOT CDs.

Yes kids, I know, you’re all probably thinking, cassette tapes so 1980’s! That might be the case, but they will save your sanity on recital night. At my friend’s recital, her lead instructor, to save time, put all the recital music on a CD. When they went to start the show they realized songs four, five and six had a big scratch across them. I never saw so many dancers panic at once. Luckily, someone had made a practice tape on cassette, and, thank goodness, the show went on. Thus, always put your recital music on cassette tapes, NOT CDs.

So take this advice fellow dancers, or future dancers, follow these few tips around show time and your show will be fabulous without a doubt. And just remember, there’s no business like show business.