This I Believe

Ryan - Phoenix, AZ, Arizona
Entered on May 19, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports, work

I believe running is a passion that requires determination and discipline. The intensity and devotion can help develop a sense of confidence and bravery within every runner, which only people who enjoy this sport can understand. However, any person with a hobby or passion they can resort to is the ultimate remedy for any psychological turmoil. When I feel depressed, or stressed out, I lace up my shoes and hit the roads. I think everyone should find a place or hobby they can turn to instead of violence or anger. For people who love their work, which may be what it, takes to fulfill their need to have a personal passion. For others who hate their work, they must find an activity or hobby that can touch at a different level and help relieve life’s difficulties.

A personal passion can help to set and achieve goals, make commitments and take responsibility. I have seen the look on a compassionate runner’s face, showing the internal anguish that drives the mind to compete with the workings of the body. This compassion is what revolutionizes new ideas and help to make change. Personal passion can change the timid and make them bold. Weakness is not an option when making a change through personal passion and determination. Gandhi made change through non-violence and persistence. His passion allowed him to change the world.

From examples in history to everyday life, people with a passion can create anything. It doesn’t matter if your passion is simplistic, or extremely complex. It doesn’t matter if it is influential, or only affects you. A personal passion lies in everyone, and it is not something that should be disguised or looked down upon. Believe in yourself, and become proud of your passion and who you are.