This I Believe

Jacob - Tonganoxie, Kansas
Entered on May 19, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

How does popularity wreck friendships? What a silly question. Most people say it can’t when I really can. Real friends can be lost while false friends can grow. My report is on how popularity can make you lose your real friends and build false friends. Take food for example. Most people like to eat junk food that is hazardous to your health. Junk food is more “popular” than healthy foods like fruit, vegetables, dairy, meat and wheat. If you keep eating junk food your going to become unhealthy. While if you lose your real friends and become unpopular you are going to be a sad person.

Another example, there is this nice looking person who becomes popular. His real friends are not popular and are being pushed around by more popular people. What would they think to see their friend become popular. What will he do? What will they do? This has happened many times. When my father was in school he had the same problem. He had two real friends, a friend who was a hog farmer and sometimes smelled bad and my mom who wore old clothes. “The popular” said that he couldn’t hang around with them and he told “the popular” to leave him alone.

Does anyone like cartoons? I know I do, I watch them all the time. I noticed in the nickelodeon television show “Fairly Odd Parents” The main character has fairies who grant his every wish. In one of the early episodes he falls for a “popular” girl and wishes to become “popular”. His fairy grant the wish but never hear a thank you, so they leave him. After realizing that he’s been a little bossy he says he wants true friends. In the end his fairies return.

I to have had this problem too. People are being more friendlier to me. So I act like an idiot so I won’t end up like a mean hateful, only like people for what they have, person. I know who my real friends are. I’m may be a dork, a goofball, or wing nut. I know who I am, Lirpa Nella. (My real name is Jacob Gossett but I prefer Lirpa or Jack.