This I Believe

Rex - Tonganoxie, Kansas
Entered on May 19, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

Have you ever been stuck doing something you hate? If you have you know it seems like it will never end. That is why I believe you should do what you enjoy doing. Whether it be a job or a chore, you don’t want to be stuck doing something you hate the rest of your life. If you do something you enjoy, you will be happier and your life will seem much better.

I like doing things I enjoy. Playing the drums is one of them. Another is working with computers. If I had to have a job right now it would either have to be dealing with drums or computers. I wouldn’t have a job that I completely hated. It would drive me insane. If you’re doing something you like doing it isn’t work. If you hate your job it will be much harder.

When I have to do something I hate, it urns out sloppy. This is another reason it is better to do something you enjoy. It can bring out some of the best work in you. You could make one of the greatest things in the world if you enjoy doing it. On the other hand if you hate what you’re doing you probably will end up trying it over and over again. It won’t be good, but it will end up boring and stupid.

These are all important reasons to do what you enjoy. I’ve seen people who don’t like their jobs, and they seem very unhappy. People who like their jobs seem to succeed a lot more than others. You can come home from your job happy instead of cranky and depressed. All in all it is better for your mental and physical health, and makes everything much easier. In conclusion I believe every one should have a job that they enjoy.