This I Believe

Caleb - Leavenworth, Kansas
Entered on May 19, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

This I Believe

If you were to ask somebody, a grown up more than likely, that if they were to go back to school “what would they do differently and why?” their response might be: they would retake a class because they did bad in it and this time they will work harder to do better. They could also say they could also say they would take different classes because it would help them in life to get a head start on something. They learned form their mistakes, because they should have tried harder in that class and taken different classes to help them in life. I consider it extremely valuable to learn from your mistakes.

When my dad was little he grew up in Thailand and he would walk to school. In class they would have everything written down on the chalkboard, so he had to write everything down fast. When school was over he would walk with his sister back home. When he needed help on the math or something he had nobody to help him because his parents were working and it was just he and his little sister. He never understood the beginning of algebra math so when he went to the next grade and would have to learn more algebra he didn’t understand. When his friends tried to help he didn’t understand because he didn’t really get the begging algebra math. If he were to go back to that time he would try harder than he was and try to get help from the teacher as much as possible.

Another example of learning from your mistakes is when I’m playing my computer games I usually learn from my mistakes, say there’s a guy with a big gun, maybe a plasma gun, and is shooting at you from the top of a big platform and the only way up is to go by the stair’s or take a risk and go by the elevator. I went by the elevator because it was faster and I thought I could run out and use some of the crates as cover but when I ran out he shot at me hitting the beam supporting that part of the stairs making that area fall out, I ran out just then and since I couldn’t go back I ran forward shooting with my automatic laser riffle at him but he had a clear shot and he shot and killed me. I learned that sometimes the easiest and sometimes obvious way is what is expected, the elevator limited me where to and it blocked me in one place so it was easier for the other guy.

I consider it important to learn from your mistakes, the more you learn from your mistakes the smarter you will become for other things because you have already experienced it or something similar to it.