This I Believe

Travis - Tonganoxie, Kansas
Entered on May 19, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

Exercise Equals Excellence

I believe if more people played sports or were Physically active then the percentage of fat or obese people would drop dramatically. To often do I see overweight people at fast food restaurants not doing any to help there weight. I’m not going to feel sorry for someone about their weight if they’re not going to try and help the situation. If they could just get out every now and then and go swimming or play basketball just do something that’s active I think they would see a positive change in the way they look, feel, and act.

If people were forced to play at least one sport a year I think people that don’t play and don’t like sports would feel differently about the way they look at sports. Sports in my life has helped me stay in shape, meet new friends, and helped boost myself of steam. People that play sports meet new friends all the time if you’re having trouble finding friends go out for a sport there’s tons of people out there looking for friends. I’m not saying you have to be a super athlete just go out and have fun.

I see to many people that do nothing all day long, and then cry about how fat they are. I want to tell them why don’t you get off your lazy butt and do something but don’t want to hurt their feelings. Then a couple of years go bye and they still are lazy by now their weight is uncontrollable and their getting made fun of for being overweight. I don’t fell sorry for them one bit because they didn’t even give an effort for their problems. If they could have just watched what they ate and got out every now and then and exercised they wouldn’t be getting made fun because they would be a lot skinnier and more happier with there body.

I have a cousin that use to be average weight but now ways 120 pounds and is very short. He got hooked on video games and less on sports and turned into a couch potato. I rarely see him outside and its even rarer to see him outside exercising. He doesn’t play any sports and I blame that and video games for his dramatic weight gain. He eats a lot of food but I think he could loose some weight if he started playing sports. He’s only ten years old and weighs 120. That’s not very healthy for his age. I am very worried about him and the United States because the obesity Rate just keeps going up.

My belief is that people should be forced to play at least one sport a year and I truly believe the problem would decrease. It’s not going to kill someone to go out for a sport it will only help them. Plus you never know they might meet new friends. People are always asking for help to loose weight well here it is.