This I Believe

Megan - Tonganoxie, Kansas
Entered on May 19, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

What I Believe

What do you believe in? This is a question that I have been asked during school, and it made me think. I believe in many things, but some beliefs are really important to me. One belief that is very important is hard work really does pay off. I have heard this my entire life, and it finally means something to me. I am now very thankful to all the people who stressed this to me constantly, because it gave me the mind set to reach my potential. Now I am working toward it better than ever. I am going to tell you how this has made an impact on my life, and how it will in my future.

Without this saying being told to me all the time, I wouldn’t be where I am today. It has kept me going in sports, and other times in my life as well. The biggest impact that this has had in my life is that I have never gave up on anything. I have learned that if you are bad at something, you don’t give up on it. You just have to practice it, over and over until you get it right. I would have to say that the person who stressed this to me the most is my Dad. His Dad, my Grandpa, told it to him, and now my Dad has told it to me. He just wants me to be successful in so many ways, and he says practice and hard work is the only way to succeed!

In my future I plan to use this saying as I move up into high school and college. It will stick with me my whole life. The way I plan to use this in college is this, I want to play volleyball in college. So I will never give up, and will always be practicing to make my game better. I will keep it in my head that the more hard work I put in the better I will become. Another way I am going to use it is in college while doing school related things, such as studying. Instead of studying a little I could put more work into it, to make it pay off in my future career. This is how I plan to use my belief in my future career, and why it is important to me.

In conclusion to this essay I would like to say again, how much of an impact hard work has put on my life! Again I am very thankful to everyone that stressed this to me. I didn’t really realize how much it meant to me and now I do. So at school, if you get asked what you believe in, then think about it really hard! You may not realize how much you believe, and remember hard work does pay off in the future!