This I Believe

gerard - vancouver, Washington
Entered on May 18, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: nature

One sunny day in my 13th year I was sitting on a stump in a field deep in the woods.and I was so relaxed that I closed my eyes and started to drift when suddenly I felt a shadow move across me.and when I looked up I saw the biggest bald Eagle Ive ever seen flying straight at I closed my eyes and held up my arms to protect my face but it never touched me but I felt its essence fly through my sole or spirit.and from that day forword spirtuality took on a whole new meaning. {I believe} on that sunny day one of that Eagles talons scratched my heart and in that scratch a small bead appeard in the center. and like sight of a newborn child all It could see was shapes and shadows but as Ive lived this life the more I tried to see.and my site got better and better until I felt like I had the visual strength of that Eagle. now I see things,not as they seem to be but as they realy are.with my mind not my eyes because the eyes can be decieved. so I see with my mind,touch with my eyes,and decide with my heart and Ive never gone wrong,I see most people as spiritualy stunted or they put a cap on there heart weeps at spiritual ignorence because they will never know or be able to feel even for a moment what a true gift life really is.out of this whole universe. YOU were chosen for whatever reason not to be an insect, or a fish, or even any real part of the food chain, to be a human being whith the ability to contemplate your own existence or to rule over everthing in It. how or why is an ignorant mans concept {IT JUST IS.} BUT THEN AGAIN HOW CAN THE CLAY KNOW THE POTTERS THOUGHTS OR REASONS. {LEAN NOT UPON MANS UNDERSTANDING} JUST BASK IN THE KNOWLEDGE, YES YOU WERE CREATED AND YES IT WAS FOR A REASON. JUST KEEP SEARCHING WITH YOUR MIND AND MAYBE ONE DAY, JUST MAYBE YOUR EYE MIGHT TOUCH IT AND YOUR HEART WILL SCREAM WHITH A HEARTGASM KNOWING THE MIND FINALLY AND TRUELY……..UNDERSTANDS…….