This I Believe

Mehan - Magalia, California
Entered on May 18, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: golden rule

“My Beliefs”

My beliefs are not always easy to live by. I believe that what comes around, goes around; everyone should treat others the the way they would like to be treated, and fight life with everything one can muster.

I believe in karma. I believe one should do right by oneself, others, the universe, and all that belongs in it. For example, I once knew this girl who wanted a new paint job on her car, so she decided to scratch her own car with a key. The girl then reported the misdeed to the insurance company, soon after the insurance company issued her a check for the car’s damages. Instead of taking her car to an autobody shop, she had a friend of her family’s do the repair work, so it would be cheaper, and she was then able to get new rims, and tires. Now, the girl was happy, and loved her new, improved car it was exactly how she had wanted the car to look all along. Two weeks later her brother took her car without permission, and he wrecked her newly, up-graded car. The girl told me later that she thought it had been karma.

The belief that everyone should treat others the way they would like to be treated, is quite simple, and if everyone lived by this simple belief, the world would be a more enjoyable place to live. My family moved frequently when I was in elementary school, and I was the new kid at many, many schools. Being the new kid was the worst for me because I was painfully shy. When we finally settled down in Ukiah, after I had been going to high school for a while, when I noticed a new kid, I would introduce myself to them to help make them not feel so alone. As a matter of fact, one of my best friends to this day was once a new kid I introduced myself to in high school, and we have been friends for over twenty years now.

One of my strongest beliefs is to fight life with everything you have in you. In 2003 I went through a horrible break-up: we lost our house, I lost my job, and to top it all off, the house that I rented burned down to the ground. I lost everything! As I stood watching all my worldly possessions burn up it was a strange feeling, but a sense of relief swept over me – I guess it was knowing it couldn’t get much worse than this, suddenly I realized that the wooden box my Mom had given to me about a year before she passed away was inside the burning house. With that realization, I suddenly felt sick to my stomach, and I believe that may have been an understatement! I couldn’t bear to go back to the burn sight, but a few days later my son Justin went to see if there was anything worth saving, and lo and behold, amidst the rubble was the now charred remains of the wooden box! Inside the wooden box were the precious family pictures and memorabilia, which were untouched by fire, and the water the firemen used to put the fire out. My son who isn’t normally sentimental called me to tell me the miracle. I could hear his voice crack as he told me the news. It was a hard period in my life, but I believe all the experiences in 2003 made me a much stronger person. Today I have a wonderful fiancee Jason, a beautiful, baby girl Cloey, and of course my trusty son Justin. I go to school full-time, and still have my goals of becoming a Registered Nurse. Life keeps getting better and better! Life may knock us down, but as long as we keep getting back up we will be all right.

I believe in good deeds, rainbows, marshmellow clouds, puppies, human kindness, sunny days, family, and love. Yes, indeed I have many beliefs, but I try to live my life by doing the right thing, treat people the way I want to be treated, and fight life with a vengeance!