This I Believe

Annie - West Sacramento, California
Entered on May 18, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

Love will find a way.

Through my life, I have heard many stories of high school sweethearts staying together until they get old and gray, beloved family pets finding their way home over hundreds of miles, and passionate athletes overcoming obstacles to do what they love. All of these situations are miracles. The moment the two high-schoolers bumped into each other in the hall, the instinct of Spot to come home, and the moment Michael Jordan touched a basketball were all simple coincidences. Or were they? Were these life-changing moments only by chance, or were they proof that, no matter what, love will find a way? Love will find a way. This I believe.

Out of the world’s six and a half billion people, over half have been married. That’s over three billion people! The fact that 1,500,000,000 couples have felt “in love” at one point or another is amazing. Even more amazing, these people found each other out of every other human being on Earth. The chance that I find the love of my life is .000000001%. Yet, somehow, billions of people around the world have not only found their match, but also have vowed to live and care for that person for the rest of his/ her life. Love found a way to unite these two people. This I believe.

Almost more amazing than uniting a couple, love has also found ways to keep people who adore each other together over time. Families all over the world struggle with many of the same problems: busy schedules, finances, and not enough attention to go around. Still, everyday, millions of tiny miracles take place, such as promotions, sales, and canceled practices, which help to keep families together. There are always stories on the news about long lost pets eventually finding their way home. Whether the pets actually travel themselves or are brought home by someone else, they are brought back by love. Love found a way. This I believe.

Besides just having feelings for other people, I know from experience that someone can feel just as much love toward an activity. When athletes first experience playing the games they love, it is not just luck of the draw. Something brought the game and the athlete together. Out of all the athletes in the world and all of the different sports to choose from, love brought these specific beings together to form a passion. When someone, inspired by passion, finds a way to overcome financial issues, traveling problems due to practice locations, and common prejudices against him/her, it is obvious that love somehow found a way to unite an individual and his/her passion.

When high school sweethearts marry, pets come home, or athletes discover their passions, it is because of love. These moments are not just coincidences. They are intentional. God used love to create these moments. I believe in the power of love to find a way to do anything. Love has, is, and will always find a way. This I believe.