This I Believe

Andy - USA
Entered on May 18, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: courage, setbacks

I believe that everyone needs laughter in their lives.

I recently became a stand up comedian wanting to give everyone in this world laughter. I became a comedian to not to get attention, but it became my passion to make people laugh. Standing on stage and people laughing through my words and my actions makes me feel over whelmed of my self and leads me to work hard at something I’m passionate for.

Always enjoying being in the crowd and making people laugh it only took couple of people to tell me to become a comedian. At first I put my self down telling my self “I can’t do this” and something struck me to say “Yes, I can do this,” because nothing is impossible if you just put dedication and love to it. First time standing on stage and performing in front of 1300 hundred people was the start of my career, then went on to perform in front of small crowds at local comedy clubs in Los Angeles trying to improve.

There were times when I purposely got intoxicated or high on marijuana trying to lose my fear on stage, but it only lead to me to become horrible on stage. I came to a conclusion that the only thing I need is confidence and be myself on stage and the crowd will accept you for who you are.

Watching great comedians and studying them and taking my own lessons it motivates me to become good as them and be better. Comedy has become the biggest challenge I have ever had in my 21 years of my life and as I practice comedy everyday it drains me out, but imagining and hearing peoples laughter tells me not to give up.

Being a Korean-American it is hard for us to be in the entertainment and media field, because only thing our parents wants us to do is study hard and become a Lawyer, Doctor, a teacher or anything that shows hierarchy and respect from the other people. I thank my parents for letting my dream come true, because their support is the only thing I need. My parents as a first generation Korean Americans is hard working people. Living in a 2 bedroom apartment not having very much, but LOVE is all we need in our family and as they telling me to follow my dream, because nothing is impossible is what keeps me motivated.

I believe God gave everyone a gift, you might not be able to see it, but soon you will find what your gift is and through that beautiful gift you can make something out of it to use it positively. My gift it to give people laughter and this gift will never be taken away from me because I plan on using for rest the rest of my life trying to give everyone in this world laughter. Through this gift I believe I can make ANYONE laugh and as I continue with my life I know his blessing will never stop.