This I Believe

David - Sherman Oaks, California
Entered on May 18, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

I believe that the power of human will is the strongest force this earth has yet to see. Often times I find that it is hard to express true will in words and the attempt to transfer pure emotion properly into society as an acceptable and presentable thought, eventually distorts the thought. I believe in the power of art and how it has become so much more than simply a way to express oneself. I believe that art has surpassed all that it once was credited for and is truly a language in itself; it is a means of communication from one soul to another. Unlike most languages that speak directly to our consciousness and are in plain sight, art speaks to the soul and finds its way deep into the unconscious and inner thoughts of a person’s mind.

My favorite way to speak my personal art is through music. Ever since I was very young, I always loved to hear and play music. Even though it wasn’t until I was about eleven years old when I picked up my first guitar, I had already felt a deep connection to music through the many other instruments I was luckily exposed to as a child. Music for me became the medium through which I was able to express my innermost thoughts and desires. The most comforting thing about expressing a thought through the art of music is that music, like most other forms of art, can be interpreted in any way an observer chooses. This openness of interpretation leaves the writer with the comfort to express a deep thought of true will without the fear of confrontation or misinterpretation. An artist can’t be criticized for his creation, if one is not sure of the idea the artist actually had while creating his work. Thus, the artist is left with the freedom to express himself in any way he chooses.

The most amazing thing about writing a song is that rather than speaking to someone in one dimension through common speech, a song allows a sentence to have two or more dimensions because the music behind a written thought not only sets the desired mood but also creates the attitude and tempo, or state of mind, that a thought is truly meant to express. Furthermore, behind the words and tonality of a song emerge the third and fourth dimensions which are made up by the music itself. Therefore, since music contains these dimensions, each individual can relive these same emotions, as they interpret the music, by applying their emotions to the individual dimensions being expressed by the song. When I feel a certain way about something and I write a song with that feeling in mind, from that day forth every time I play that song I will know exactly how I felt and exactly what I was thinking when I wrote the song.

Therefore a song could be thought of as a documentation of an emotion. Thus a completed song comforts the writer, since the writer knows that from the moment the song is complete, the song is out there to be picked up by any bystander who may hear it one day and understand exactly how that writer felt when the song was written; perhaps even then one could feel connected to a complete stranger who once felt the same way as he did. When something is bothering me and I feel the need to express it somehow, I pick up an instrument and look for the closest sound or riff that matches the feeling I have; I then elaborate on this feeling with other musical components until it finally satisfies my embodied emotion. Honestly, I have no idea what kind of life I would live if I did not have the privilege of playing and writing my own music; I guess now I know what hell must be like.