This I Believe

Hovsep - USA
Entered on May 18, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: setbacks, work

To Be Ready.

People always warn younger ones like me that the real world is harsh, that it is hard to live in the real world. I would never quite understand what they meant until the day I found out for myself. The day I realized the world is unfair and that someone has to be emotionally ready to “face the music”. This I believe — to be ready to live in this world without ever getting hurt, disappointed, let down, or angry a person has to be selfish. People might say that being selfish is a bad thing to be, and that might be right, but it does have its own positives. When someone is selfish they are basically independent in everyway. My definition of a selfish person is one who doesn’t share their heart with another person; a person who keeps to themselves, doesn’t share what they are thinking, feeling, their wants and opinions. A person who doesn’t tell any of their friends and relatives how they feel about them.

People, no matter who they are, friends or family, will always be up to no good, you can’t trust the people around you. Everyone around you is selfish, whether they know it or not, and are only looking after themselves and they don’t care about you, so why would you go ahead and share your feelings with other people? I look at my friends sometimes, how they share their stories, secrets, and feelings with one another, how they have done the same mistake over and over again. The person you are sharing this information with is not who you think they are, they may act like they care or love you, but deep down inside no one cares about another person. That is how people get hurt get angry, disappointed or heartbroken, when they share their feelings with another person, giving that person the upper hand. Telling something to a friend makes them know something about you, they may use that against you down the line, that is giving someone the upper hand. Telling a person you “love” how you feel about them, what you think of them, only gives them the key to your heart. I believe that selfish people are the best equipped people in this world, because if you don’t share too much, If you don’t say too much, no one will know what you’re up to, know one will be able to hurt you.

People make mistakes that is part of life, but the only true mistake a person can make is not learn from their mishaps. I am glad that I have been through whatever I have been through, because it made me adopt this way of living. The reason why I won’t share my experience is because I would be completely going against everything I have said earlier. This I believe — I feel like I am ready to face this harsh world that older people kept talking about.