This I Believe

Andrea - Burbank, California
Entered on May 18, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

In today’s society heroes are often viewed as people with extraordinary super powers who fly, have x-ray vision, or some kind of incredible strength like Superman. We all see these people as heroes on TV or the movies, but in reality they are not our actual heroes who save our own lives. In reality having super powers doesn’t even matter because the real hero is someone who is caring, brave, strong, always there for you, and never gives up. In my opinion a real hero is someone close to your heart just like a mother, father, sister, or brother. Ordinary people don’t need super powers to save you, because what they offer you is just the same as or even greater than any power invented. People cause huge impacts on your life. I believe heroes are everyday people just like my grandma.

My grandma fits all the qualities perfectly to me on what I believe a hero is. She has helped take care of me since the day I was born until I was 10 years old. I had always known that she cared so much about me and that anytime day or night she would be there for me. She would come to things like a volleyball game or a choir show that I would have. Even if she had work that day, she would make sure to take that day off just so that she could be there for me and cheer me on till the end.

Also, my grandma has gone through so much in her life. One thing in particular was having many different kinds of surgeries. She went from having knee problems to back problems every so often, and somehow after a surgery something else would be found wrong. My family and I almost lost her once because the doctor said the surgery was going to be too intense and no one was for sure she would come out okay. Then even through the pains of recovery she still managed to be brave and strong, and never give up. She loves life. Even when going through a struggle like a surgery she will always manage to still have a huge smile on her face and be full of cheer and laughter. I truly admire my grandma for the person she is and just for handling everything so well in her life. She is a very strong woman and that’s what I admire most about her.

She makes me want to be that way. I have learned many lessons from her that I will never forget. She has taught me how to be brave and strong and how to look at life positively when you think everything is going wrong. So anytime I’m going through something difficult I just think of grandma and remember the struggles she’s been through and I say to myself, “If she can go through all these struggles and be okay, then so can I”. Everything I have learned from her has molded me into the person I am today. All her qualities are things that I think are important in life. My grandma has most certainly been a huge impact in my life, and this is why she is my hero.