This I Believe

alex - Pasadena, California
Entered on May 18, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that in life you should never judge a book by it’s cover. No one person is any better than the other. Regardless of wealth or stature, looks or smarts, everyone is equal, level in the eyes of humanity. We as the people of the world have seen the smart fail, the strong give in and the wealthy lose. We have also seen the weak rise up, the ignored be seen and the poor become rich. None were any less memorable.

I know what it is like to be picked on purely for the clothing you wear, for I too am not what most would call a “normal” person. All my life people have given me dirty looks and avoided me in the streets because of how I choose to dress. Most assume I am a failing student if even in school at all, or part of some horrendously violent cult. When in fact I couldn’t be more opposite. In other words, I’ve learned to never make assumptions about a person based purely on their appearance.

We all fall victim to profiling whether it be racial or not. I’m sure that everyone has looked at a person and thought negative things about them based on their looks and then later complained about racism. To me they are both the same. I feel that when being judged people should take the opportunity to better themselves from the experience. To look back at it and laugh. It is true that the pain caused by mean-spirited words can hurt a person almost as much as a knife, but the difference between the two is more than just a mental or physical scar. We can choose to put aside what was said to us but what a knife does can not be forgotten.

Life is too short to waste time judging people. I’ve found that usually the people you least likely think is “your type” is the person you are most likely to get along well with. I’ve learned this many times over, especially in college. There is always the one person you think you would never in a million years get along with, but if people for once, could step out of their safety bubble, many would discover that there are a lot more people waiting to hear what you have to say than you may think.

I believe in a more equal America, and a world free of hate. I see the harm that it causes and the damage it does to nations. We all need to give up those prejudices in order for things to change, and for this world I believe these changes can make a difference.