This I Believe

Sandra - 91331, California
Entered on May 18, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I Believe

I believe in the power of silence. What is silence? Is it the lack of sound? Is it having no form of expression? To me silence is a powerful tool that I have been using for years. Silence Is a way to show some one you care without bringing up a devastating topic.

I learned about the power of silence when I was five by the greatest teacher known to me, my mother. When I was a child I was not as dramatic as most children are at the age of five. I was always thought to stay put and smile. When I came of age when I could understand grief and devastation I didn’t know how to react to such feelings so, all I would do is be silent. I felt like I was letting the people I cared about down because I didn’t say anything, now I know I was wrong. What can you say to someone that has cancer? What can you say to someone that has a broken heart and doesn’t think that life is worth living? To my surprise one can truly say nothing. Silence is the only way to show respect and understanding.

I learned a life lesson the night I saw my mom cry for the first time when I was five. I remember I saw my mom sitting at the edge of the bed in a little room that I used to live in after I immigrated from Mexico. I remember I saw her with her hands on her face trying to hide the fact that she was pouring her soul in that horrible room we rented in East L.A. Honestly, I didn’t know what to do, let alone say, to comfort her. I found out that if I just stood there for a while, said nothing, and caressed her hair she would find comfort in me and stop crying. To my surprise she did stop crying, at least for that night. I don’t know why she was crying. All I knew was that my act of silence helped her deal with her sadness. Why she was crying that night remains a mystery. My guess was the poverty that we lived in, but for sure to this day I don’t have a clue why her soul drenched in the floor of that sad room for rent.

Silence is a powerful tool. Silence can stop wars, silence can stop tears, silence can ignite questions and it can spark answers. Silence is my weapon of choice and I think I learned it from my mom, who when during my life decisions and heart breaks, I appreciate when she just sits there in silence and caresses my hair while I cry with her in my room.