This I Believe

Thomas - San Luis Obispo, California
Entered on May 18, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: respect

I believe in the power of everything in moderation as far as work and play are concerned.

Well we all know what work and play are: work is what has to be done and generally not asked for and play is what we usually want to do, more focusing on our wants. Both of these are necessary aspects of my life, I know. Last year I discovered that neither is as sweet alone as they are together in moderation. For the time being, think of it like milk and cookies. Now I cannot drink a whole gallon of milk in one sitting no matter how strong my bones get. That goes the same with cookies where I’ll eventually throw up if I finish a whole box of Chip’s Ahoy in twenty minutes. When combined together though (a glass of milk and a couple of cookies) it is an indulging experience because I didn’t have too much of just one thing.

I recognized “work and play in moderation” as my philosophy when I was a senior in high school during Stage Choir. Six-teen hungry, tired students were rehearsing for the Spring Concert that happens at the end of an academic year. And how do the majority of students feel towards the end of the year? Restless, because summer time is just around the corner. We were going over an acapella song when it happened. Well I can’t tell you exactly what happened but in the midst of singing for what seemed like hours, someone did something that made me laugh. Naturally I covered my face and laughed to myself, but as I did that I heard someone singing louder than normal. I lowered my music below my eyes and see a really big , round face singing right in my face. This time I broke out in hysteria and decided to remove the distraction from the room. I walked outside.

Standing outside, the singing from within the rehearsal room paused and was replaced with shouting. I immediately walked back in and stood in the middle of the room. On one side of the room were, what I like to call, “the workers” and on the other side of the room were “the players.” I found myself in the middle with two girls at my feet sobbing. The Workers were arguing that the Players were goofing off and the same type of attack was heard from the other side how “all work and no play” made singing a dull task. Looking pitifully at the crying girls I flung my arms to a “halting” position and explained in a justifying tone that if one worked for the majority of their lives, that person would become extremely dull and the light around them dim. Though it is fun to play around and very healthy to laugh there can be moments where it’s inappropriate.

Yes, to get things done you have to work. But take a break from time to time and relax or play to enjoy yourself; to recharge, and refresh. Working 24/7 is an unhealthy thing to do, and playing video games isn’t a great way to get things done. Work and play in moderation.