This I Believe

Karen - Phoenix, Arizona
Entered on May 17, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in courage. I believe in the type of courage that can help one to step into a new world without being afraid. Not just to be able to jump into the fire and save someone, but also to be able to go to a place that one has never been before. I needed courage on the first biggest dilemma of my life. This was not a life-threatening crisis, but for a fourteen-year-old, moving to a different country was a catastrophe. Transferring to another school within a country is bad enough, however I had to fly to a foreign country and attend a school full of unfamiliar people.

My parents thought moving to America would be better for the future of my sister and me. My dad even took some years off his job to get his Ph.D. and also to take us to the United States. Since I was a little kid, my dad has been telling me that we are going to America, but never thought he was being serious and would actually come true. When he was determined to move, I was anxious to go to a place where I was not able to communicate with anybody. I imagined that it would be as if I turned deaf and mute. I was happy and comfortable with my life in Korea, so I was uneasy of change. However, I knew that this risk would open up more opportunities in my life. So I closed my eyes and opened the door of uncertainty, clasping courage in my hands. When I finally opened my eyes to peek where I ended up, it was not full of monsters and witches but full of normal humans with different shades of skin. There was no need to be afraid, but I was scared due to my imagination of the unknown country.

We can not go anywhere without trying something new. We can not grow without taking risks. The courage helped me choose to move to America greatly influenced my life. I believe that courage helps us to walk through the fog of uncertainty and find a grown, mature person.