This I Believe

Krystyna - Park Ridge, Illinois
Entered on May 17, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that everyone needs to take time once in a while to let loose and be silly.

I believe that laughter and smiles and being ridiculous can work wonders.

In high school, when the first Harry Potter movie came out, my friends and I decided to make a big deal out of it. We got together early in the morning, put on capes, and went out to breakfast. People certainly stared, but it didn’t matter. The owner of the restaurant was so amused that he gave us a large German pancake for free. And that was only the beginning.

Breakfast was followed by a few hours of making wands. And this, of course, was followed by a game of Quidditch. Yes, we ran around an empty soccer field in our capes, straddling brooms and throwing balls at each other. To let loose like that was so refreshing.

I remember some time before that, driving in the winter. My dad randomly pulled into a parking lot and told the three of us kids to get out of the car and follow him. He walked onto a football field and told us to walk behind him in a line. He told us we were going to write our last name in the snow. The four of us, freezing, stomped it out big enough so that people in airplanes could read it.

I remember the car dances my sister and I made up. Something fun to do while at stoplights…blast the music, roll the windows down if the weather was good enough, and dance.

I remember staying up late with a friend to color pictures using our feet.

I remember jumping on the bed and forcing my mom to join me.

I believe that too easily, people become caught up in the rush between school and work and home and bed. It happened to me – in high school, for weeks I would refuse to go out because I had too much homework. When I later learned that had I kept it up, I would have brought about the end of a relationship that was very important to me, I realized that I needed to take time to relax.

I believe in running and dancing in the rain when it storms. I believe in making a gingerbread house with someone, getting sugar and icing all over the kitchen in the process. I believe in standing in front of a pot or a pan, making faces and laughing at how misshapen your head looks. I believe in washing the car and starting a water fight with the hose. I believe in driving to a 24-hour restaurant in the middle of the night to have a snack while coloring in a coloring book. I believe in laughing until it hurts, in laughing until you cry.

I believe what “they” say, that if you take life too seriously, you won’t make it out alive.