This I Believe

Britany - Phoenix, Arizona
Entered on May 17, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in change. I believe that change can open doors into the future. I believe in change as a catalyst for success. Change allows us to see reality, to understand opposition, and to embrace every moment. An important experience in my life has taught me that consistency and constancy tend to lead to disappointment. Often people become comfortable with relationships and are destroyed when a change occurs. Change cruelly showed me what I didn’t have anymore. I never saw the end in sight, I never believed something so great could end, and that was my first mistake. Instead of relishing on all the days we spent together, I took it for granted. I expected more days would follow, which destroyed me when the days expired. Preparation for change allows us to enjoy each day knowing that at any second, those relationships we hold dear could abruptly end. If only I knew how to handle change and to use it as a tool instead of the weapon it was in my life, I could have made the most out of my junior year. I didn’t understand the need or meaning of change until it caught me blindsided. I lost the person who knew me the best, who understood me better than I did myself, my best friend. It wasn’t the loss of my best friend that was the worst; it was the change from feeling so complete to so alone. Change is a part of life, even a way of life. Change should not be viewed as a disappointment or a finish line to something wonderful, but it should be viewed as an entrance gate to a new section of life. If I can continue to teach myself how to accept change and use it to my advantage, then my life will be a success. My future will broaden with each new experience because change is becoming a part of who I am. I will then be able to see my life as it was, is, and will be. I will more clearly appreciate every moment I’m given with those I love, and always cherish the memories. I will recognize that change is inevitable. Change is the ship that sails us home.