This I Believe

Paul - Oroville, California
Entered on May 17, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: carpe diem, love

I Believe Love is Time Challenged

I believe the lack of personal time challenges love. I am a full time student at Butte College in Northern California and the amount of time I must dedicate to my success is great. I realize that time spent wisely is good, but what ever happened to the time for love? I wonder if it was just for the 60’s and 70’s ? Back then it seemed to be a focal point. Today “functional excellence”-multitasking, working more for less- has taken over. Mothers and fathers both work, and even grandmothers and grandfathers have to stay employed just to support themselves. I am hopeful that this is not my fate.

Attending college to better ones self, is good no matter at what age. The time requirement for study is great. In most cases one hour of class time equals two hours of study time. This is not all; I also have to work just to make ends meet. I often find myself admiring those students who have children or multiple jobs. How do they find time for love? Maybe I am doing something wrong! I do not believe that I am alone with this challenge. I may not have the time for love because I do not know how to make the time.

Love, passion, tender devotion, attachment, and a yearning for these precious times have become too challenging. I find myself caught in the selfishness which our time dictates. Work more and earn more money, and you’ll be happy! I do not believe this as the truth, but as a fallacy. I believe the answer has a time factor. Perhaps, I’ll meet someone in one of my many classes, or at a place of employment where I will be in the future as a result of my studies. Ultimately, I hold on to the ideals of my family members; love is the greatest single most important aspect of life. I believe more time is needed in my life to others.