This I Believe

Adeola - Ile-Ife, Nigeria
Entered on May 16, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: hope

‘And life goes on………’

About three weeks ago, on the 22nd of October, the nation witnessed some wide scale disasters of which the gruesome details, most would be familiar with by now. The accident was an aviation disaster that did emphatically left the whole country shaken and greatly disconcerted. If one pursues in this vein, then it would certainly be a repetition of the previous renderings of other newspapers, magazines, TV stations .That is not the raison d’etre of this review. Instead this piece is aimed at a careful consideration of subsequent events to determine if an effective preventive method has so far been found by knowledgeable quarters in charge of the situation. Of course accidents happen everyday and can occur anywhere; in fact on that fateful day I cut myself with a knife during the process of cooking, but that could hardly compare to this high level of national disaster.

Reports, committees, expert aviation consultations and so on have been established to determine why such a disastrous event happened and to present meaningful, reasonably believable and coherent findings to the public and relevant authorities. Some reports have shown that there is a current level of disenchantment in the aviation industry, as nowadays people relatively prefer to travel by road, and commercial flights record a slightly lower figure in business due to lesser patronage- despite the relative merits of air travel.

Most of us watched with disheartenment the unsatisfactory way by which the search and rescue was conducted .Concerned, an informed observer explained that these investigations are put in motion with an eye to trying to prevent such events from occurring , but if it is unavoidable, to try to minimize the fatalities/ losses that will be sustained. This has been achieved in more technologically advanced countries, he assured those who had given up hope of their loved ones’ bodies ever being discovered The situation now looks more hopeful as it would seem that the international community has kindly taken an interest and has decided to lend a hand.

Although various theories abound, there is nobody -including the aviations experts- that seem to be able to accurately pinpoint a specific reason why the fated crash occurred at Lisa-Igbore Village, Ifo, Ogun State. And Nigeria has certainly given no cause for a revision of this general ineptitude that has beguiled us for so many years. With an almost disbelieving ear, we also listen as the search for the famous black box continues. The “black box” is the popular name for the (Electronic) Flight Recorder; a small rectangular machine installed in a ’plane to record all the details of each flight and is useful for finding out the cause of an accident such as this one. It contains flight data recorders and cockpit voice recorders and is made of an indestructible material.

One can therefore concur that like the rest of the country’s industries and general infrastructures; the aviation industry too has been left to slide into disrepair. It has to be revamped and brought back into shape if such fatal catastrophes are to be prevented and eradicated.

We also mourn the loss of our dear First Lady, whose was called to glory by the Almighty that same fateful day. With respect to the medical profession, the conclusion that can be inferred is that one must study hard and well and apply the acquired knowledge diligently in order to prevent more fatalities from recurring .This is purely for humanity’s sake, and also to avoid the stigma of a massive lawsuit and/or the loss of one’s hard earned medical license – and perhaps good-bye to the pay too!

It behoves me to conclude by stating that this sort of event just happens to make one carefully reconsider one’s position in this life, contemplate the Creator in awe and put the fear of God in us.

‘……..after all, we are only human’.