This I Believe

John - Hickory, North Carolina
Entered on May 16, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I had my first job interview at age 13 for a volunteering position at a local science museum. I remember walking up the stairs, rehearsing my responses in my head feeling out of place and much too young to be there. When I reached the top step of the building I felt faint and my knees were shaking. As I walked into the office, I saw my soon-to-be boss coming towards me down the hall. She was a small, slim woman wearing a warm smile. She extended her hand and gently shook mine. Without any words exchanged between us, my heart stopped pounding, my head stopped spinning and my knees stopped shaking. I was comforted.

Just through body language I am able to communicate how I am feeling with others. And sometimes it’s not the words that I say, but the one’s I don’t that speak the loudest. I want to live my life so that my actions are always proving my words. Just a simple smile or pat on the back can make a difference in a person’s day. And no matter what background a person might have, I know that we will be able to understand each other through body language and facial expressions.

Words ofter get in the way of a relationship, but the actions I make are harder to make right than a thousand words sometimes. I can remember being in third grade with the biggest crush on a boy in my class. Towards the end of the year I finally got up the nerves to go speak to him. Unlucky for me, my teacher had passed out suckers a few minutes before and I was already enjoying mine before I went to break the ice. As I walked up to the boy sitting at his desk, I opened my mouth to say hello and I drooled all over his desk. I was quite the charmer. That is just another reason why it is very important to me to be clear in my body language because without good communication, I am not able to build healthy relationships.

I believe that my actions speak much louder than my words ever will. I can make the world a better place not through the things I say to others, but through the things I do for them. I believe that in order to have a strong relationship with another I must utilize all of my body, not only my mouth. I believe in silence.