This I Believe

Rex - Lakewood, Colorado
Entered on May 16, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65

I believe God created the universe.

I believe this should be taught in churches and homes, not public schools. Leave me out of current power-struggle language like “Intelligent Design,” “Creationism” and the like. Too many strings attached.

How I see science does not conflict with how I see God. In fact, it enhances it- science is, hands down, the best revealer of the wonders of God’s creation. To me, science is simply an accurate-as-possible (according to our level of knowledge) description of _how_ God does it.

I see the current flap between science and religion as pretty ridiculous. Politics and power struggles. Instead, heal the sick. Feed the poor (seems to me this is most of the world). Help them to clothes, a place to live. Love one another. The rest seems like misplaced energy. At times, a heartbreaking waste.

I am sad when I see how exclusionary religions have become. I see Pharisees in our midst. I feel their bullying. I feel it in bumper stickers like Support Our Troops, and even God Bless America. Can you give me a good exlanation for why shouldn’t we support _all_ God’s children? And why wouldn’t we want God to bless the _entire world_?

I see efforts to actually legislate who can love whom. If this is not the absolute height of Pharisee-ism, what is? Why shouldn’t we _celebrate_ when any human being declares his/her love for another?

I see religions reverting to Old Testament “my god can whip your god” stuff. I find myself recalling the Crusades. To kill another human being in God’s name and for God’s sake- how can that be right? “Holy War” is oxymoronic.

But it seems to me we are in the middle of one now, both sides claiming God’s approval, even his imperative, as we slaughter each other and innocent bystanders, as it all inexorably escalates, as violence always does.

I find myself recalling the Inquisition. What kind of society would insist, even legislate, that every school child, regardless, pledge a belief in God every morning? Hasn’t history graphically taught us the results of this kind of intolerance?

Maybe, as the poet Naomi Nye says, “If this is holy, could we have some new religions please?”

I say God bless us all. The whole world. No exceptions. Amen.