This I Believe

Marie - Hickory, North Carolina
Entered on May 16, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: hope

I believe that the future is uncertain. I’m sure I’m not the first person to think so, and certainly not the last.

You turn on the TV and what do you see? Missing children, drug busts, the local Most Wanted. You switch to something different and you see that sex sells and violence is entertainment. Grandma always said that it was never this bad back in her day. Of course she thinks so, back in her day husbands and wives slept in separate beds on screen. Now, people don’t blush at such a sight. However, as I look a little closer at today’s culture, Grandma may have been right.

It usually doesn’t faze a young boy to see a shoot out on TV. Even sadder, the daily news reveals that such a scene is being acted out in the real world every day. In 1980 the prison population was roughly 3,000. Today? About seven. More and more kids are trying drugs. Arson and robberies are on the rise. All these things are heavy issues, but you only really feel the impact when it hits close to home.

Growing up I had a friend whose father was an alcoholic. He swore to us that he would never touch alcohol, and he never did. People where always surprised by that. He lived a clean life until he reached 17 and found himself addicted to drugs.

It makes me worry about our generation and the next. Will each inherit the others mistakes? Just when I start to really wonder I see that there is also hope. I see advancements in medicine, and growing charities. More and more people going to collage. It’s a good thing. And yes, I still believe that the future is uncertain. But I also believe that our generation has the power to change it for the better.

After all, who else can?