This I Believe

Elizabeth - Hickory, North Carolina
Entered on May 15, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that all people are beautiful. By changing the standards of beauty, society has corrupted the minds of individuals. A woman doesn’t have to be a 5’7” blonde twig with a double D cup size and a 23” waist. She can be a 5’4” middle-aged, graying mother with love handles.

I have witnessed the rejection of many adolescents for not being up to par with their celebrity rivals. What the general public is unaware of is that models in magazines are computer edited and airbrushed to erase the defects and imperfections that make them look normal. When young girls and even guys see these images of perfection, they don’t realize that those looks are impossible to achieve. This is one of the reasons that many young people today develop eating disorders.

10% of all female teenagers in America are starving themselves, sometimes to death. This is commonly known as anorexia. Out of this 10%, over half end up developing bulimia, another life-threatening eating disorder. As well as having eating disorders, many women also turn to plastic surgery.

Liposuction, breast implants, and face lifts have become more popular among women this year than in years past. This is caused by the pressure placed upon women to conform to society’s standards of beauty. There are many risks involved in having plastic surgery, some of which are potentially fatal. Because women can’t see their own natural beauty, they are willing to take these risks hoping that their new looks will be accepted as beauty. There are even TV shows depicting plastic surgery as the only way to obtain beauty. How shallow can our society get? I wish everyone could see that they are beautiful. I have seen some gorgeous people on those shows that were crying because they couldn’t see how beautiful they are because they look different from others.

I have to believe in myself to see my true beauty as does everyone else in the world. I don’t rely on chemicals or lack of food to make me feel beautiful. When I’m laughing with my friends, my appearance doesn’t matter, I look and feel beautiful. If people would just open their eyes, they could see their own and other people’s natural beauty and finally realize that all people are beautiful.