This I Believe

Arianna - Conover, North Carolina
Entered on May 15, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

On the first day of Chemistry class, all I wanted to do was get out of there! However, leaving the class was bittersweet because by the end of the semester, I had truly come to appreciate my teacher. This is why I believe in teachers.

Most kids at school put their teachers down and make fun of them just because the teachers are hard on their students. Challenging students is a teacher’s best quality. Teachers at my school have extremely high expectations for their students. Teenagers are known for slacking off, but with the right motivation, any teacher can change a student’s work ethic. For instance, I have always been a hard-working student, but whenever chemistry class began to get tough, I became discouraged. Without Mrs. Sinclair’s motivation, I would have continued to do poorly. Beginning with, “You’re a brilliant student but…,” she gave me a speech about if I participated more in class then I would understand the lessons better. Much to my surprise this technique definitely worked! Mrs. Sinclair really made a point to make sure that all of her students did their absolute best on all their work. She was focused on making us better than all the other high school kids in our area taking chemistry. It was an amazing feeling to know that she took pride in us and wanted us to top everyone else. Coming out of her class, I gained an innumerable amount of knowledge I did not even know I was capable of retaining! Therefore, teachers do their job best by challenging their students.

Teachers at my school make a point to have a great student-teacher relationship. Its very important for a student to feel comfortable talking to their teacher, not just about school, but about personal issues in their life. Anytime I don’t understand something in class, my teachers are always available and willing to stay after school to help me. This just lets me know that they care about how well I do in their class and they want me to succeed. With college in the near future, my teachers are eager to give me advice about what colleges would be best for me, the classes to take, and other ways to help me get in. The ability to talk to my teachers really makes me feel at ease and gives me a sense that my teachers really do care about me.

Most of all I believe in teachers because they are inspirational. They put in so much time and effort to give their students the best education possible. Recently, my English teacher’s mother died after a battle with cancer. Mrs. Whalen traveled to Ohio to be with her family and missed a week of school. While she was gone, my class brought in money to give as a donation to the Cancer Society in memory of her mother. It was so gratifying to give back to our teacher because she gives so much for us. When she returned to school she was very behind on all of her work, but she put in extra time to catch up. It was very inspirational to see how much she cared about us and in turn how much we cared about her.

This is why I believe in teachers and appreciate everything they do!