This I Believe

Jan-Michael - Mclouth,, Kansas
Entered on May 15, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: gratitude, work

This I believe…..

Miracles. Think about it, let it set in. Okay, now think about it. Now, what in the world is a miracle? In the dictionary it says a miracle is an extraordinary event, or an outstanding achievement. So, would you say it would be a good thing to believe that miracles will happen? They may not always happen to you, whoever it does happen to, must need it right now more than you do.

Miracles happen all over the world, every day. Miracles come to different people in many different ways. Some people say having a baby is a miracle. Some also say to have won that marathon that they did last week was a miracle. So have any happened to you lately? Maybe, some have happened to people you know, in your family, your friends, the school bully? Miracles don’t have to be great, what I mean is that your probably not going to see the guy around the next corner splitting the water in the sink. Just like now, your not going to see some idiot trying to walk on the water of his swimming pool and succeeding at it. Miracles may happen a little at a time.

Yeah, this year a miracle happened to me this year. It was more leaning toward the outstanding achievement side, than an extraordinary event. The miracle took place in one day, but it took weeks to develop. My miracle was that I won the yearly yearbook cover. Which means that my entry from art class won the schools favor, and was chosen to be this year’s yearbook cover. There were many other to choose from, my best friend’s included. But, it wasn’t a steal away, because we were cool if the other won.

See as I said before a miracle can happen to anyone. And, comes in many different shapes and sizes. It also might take a miracle to believe in one. And if that is the case, hold on because you are most likely going to see one.