This I Believe

Traci - Tonganoxie, Kansas
Entered on May 15, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

Have you ever wondered if there’s someone out there especially for you? Well there is; I’m not just talking about a boyfriend or girlfriend. I’m talking about a special friend that you can keep forever! That is my belief: somewhere out there,there’re is someone out there who is mean to share a wonderful friendship with you for a life time.

My Dad has always told me that “There is always one person that you can truly call your friend.” I strongly believe that because I feel that I have found my true friend. Her name is Alyssa and I’ve been friends with her ever since the fourth grade. I love Alyssa because I can tell her anything and she truly understands where I’m coming from. Both of us share a lot of the same ideas on life and I really like that because it makes talking to her a lot easier. We’ve also both learned a lot from each other like when hard times come around you can’t just sit around and worry about all the time you have to let go and have fun and try to make things less sad or depressing. Since we have done that we both have a greater respect for one another. I;am very fortunate to have a friend like Alyssa who is so caring and very openhearted. I really feel that we have connected an well remain best friends forever!

My mom has also found someone who she shares a wonderful friendship with. my mom has been friends with Tillie for over twenty years, ever since she first started working at UPS. They always new and exciting things to share with on another. Like how things are going in life. They do have different views on life, but they manage to put them aside and respect each others views on different things and learn form them. Both of them have created such an amazing trust bond together and tell each other everything that is going on.

Someday when you find your special someone you’ll know because there’re the ones that see the real you and know when somethings really wrong even though you have a great big smile on your face. Somewhere out there is someone who will share a special friendship with you. “Hold a true friend with both of your hands.” Nigerian Proverb. Never let that special someone go when you find them. When you find someone who has great qualities of friend like cares a lot and is a great listener and is very trustworthy and all the other great qualities that come with a true friend then you have found that someone and never let them go because you only have one true friend!