This I Believe

Keesha - tonganoxie, Kansas
Entered on May 15, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: purpose, question

I Believe

If someone came up to you and asked you “who are you?” what would you say? Do you even know the answer? You might answer with your name, but that’s not what I mean. I want you to look beyond that. Seriously, who are you? You won’t really know do you?

Some people question why we were put on this Earth. Some people wonder what is the meaning of life. I truly believe that everyone was put here for a purpose, to accomplish something. I also believe that the meaning of life is to find out who you are.

I don’t know who I am. I do know little things about myself that I’ve learned throughout my life though. For instance, I know that I hate peanuts but I love peanut butter. I know that I am allergic to ivory soap. All of these things I have learned about myself, were through life experiences. I didn’t know any of that when I was born.

You can’t choose whom you like or what you don’t like. You can’t choose what you love or what you hate. You can’t choose if your black or white. You can’t change who you are, but you can choose whom you want to be.

There is nothing you can change about your past. You did what you did and you are who you are. You can change your future bit it’s not going to effect the past. Everything you do tells you something new about yourself.

You just go through your life finding out more and more things about yourself. You don’t change, you just gain more intelligence and more knowledge but you’re still you.

Once you have lived your life that’s when I believe that’s when I believe that you will know who you are. When you have tried everything you possibly can and you figured out what you like, love, and hate. When there is no more left for you to do because you have accomplished your purpose then you can answer that question “who are you?” but for now the only question that you can answer is, who do you want to be?