This I Believe

Kevin - Tonganoxie, Kansas
Entered on May 15, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

This I believe

Do you have one thing that you live by everyday of your life? Well I do, and it is to work hard now, and play hard later. By working hard while I am in school, and early in my career, the more I can play while I am older, and farther into my career. This is a main goal in my life. I live by this goal everyday of my life.

Everyday when I get up in the morning I tell myself that I have to get good grades. By getting good grades I can get a scholarship and go to college. My main goal in life is to go to a Division 1 school and become an architect. My only hope to accomplish this goal is to work hard in school through college and then once I am midway through my career, I can start to lose focus on my career, and start focusing more on my life.

I have seen many examples of this theory throughout my life. My Uncle TJ worked hard through college and early in his career and now he has a BMW, a big house, and a happy family. My Uncle Bob worked hard starting his own business and now he has a big house, a lake house, and a nice boat. Currently my cousin Adam, who worked hard in graduating from high school, and college, is now an architect.

Now that both of my uncle’s children are all gone, they have time to do a lot of things that they weren’t able to do early in life. My uncle Bob gets to go to his lake house anytime that he wants to go. My uncle TJ has season tickets to K-State football games, and almost never misses a game. Now they both come to all of my baseball games, football games, and wrestling meets. These are just a few examples from my life of how working hard early in life, pays off in the long run.

This is what I live my life by day-to-day. With this one ultimate goal in mind, I live everyday as it was my last. I stride to reach all of goals, whether big or small, by working hard, and playing later. While others are playing, I am working towards reaching the next level. Later on in life while they are working, I promise you, I will be playing.