This I Believe

Sami - Linwood, Kansas
Entered on May 15, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Little Things

How do you feel after a simple wave from someone you don’t even know? Well, most people don’t think about it, but I do. I believe little things, such as a simple wave, ”hello,” or even a smile can brighten up a person’s day.

When I walk down the hall during school people say “hi” to me because they know it makes my day better. When I’m in a good mood school goes by much faster. Who doesn’t want that?

Sometimes, I go to the mall with friends to walk around. One time we were walking, this girl came out of nowhere. She smiled and waved, so I waved back. My friends asked if I knew her and I said I didn’t. I thought to myself, “I wish more people were nice like her.” People in this generation only think about themselves.

In English class we did a project about pet peeves and ourselves. Can you guess what mine was? I said one of my pet peeves was when people don’t wave back when I wave at them. I know they don’t know me but they could be nice enough to wave and make my day a little better.

Helping people is another little thing that makes a day better. Even if it is just opening the door for someone or picking up something they dropped. I think it gives a sense of being noticed.

Like the other day at softball practice, I picked up all the overthrown balls in the outfield even though I didn’t have to. Nobody told me I had to but I figured I would be nice and help out. It might not have meant anything to the others, but it made me feel good. The coaches also noticed that I was helping out.

Then, I was at home and my mother asked me to dump the trash and take it out. So, since I was not doing anything I did what she asked. When I came back from doing those things she told me, “It is really nice that you are helping around the house.”

I think helping people, being considerate, and just being nice makes peoples day go a lot smoother. So, in the future or just even after you read my paper you will take it into consideration in helping make days better. It might not make your day any better, but it will definitely make their day better, even just a litt