This I Believe

Nicole - Birch Run, Michigan
Entered on May 15, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe

I believe that in order to see your self for who they really are, they have to accept that everyone has faults and it is because of those faults that we are truly beautiful. You must believe that no one is perfect, for people to try to reach this status of perfection, is not only useless but also impossible. Perfection is an ever-changing cycle, the media is always changing perfection into what they believe the onlookers want to see as perfect but actually, they are just feeding us false and negative images.

It is as impossible to reach perfection, as it is to touch the sun. The main reason I believe this in my mind is everyone has different ideas on what perfect is and looks like. Therefore, a “perfect person” may not necessarily looks like what someone else says is perfect. (They may just care for others and make sure that they do what they can to fix a problem.) Others may think beauty is only skin deep and have the belief that “physical attractive” people are the only ones who should be classified as a perfect person.

Personally, I believe the world would be a better if we did not have the term perfect. I truly think that if we gave one person this title, everyone should have it or no one at all should have it. In order for people to accept themselves for who they really are we have to eliminate this term, it only degrades and discourages people from even trying. If an average height person weighs 240 lbs and they are told that in order to be perfect they must loose more than half of the weight they are carrying on their body they will more or less give up.

I believe in this topic so passionately because I see the effects that this term, perfect, has on so many people. Friends of mine, even close relatives have fallen into this cycle of trying to achieve perfection. I have seen what it can do to a person, I only wish that people would realize what they cause other human beings to do to themselves to try to and please someone else.