This I Believe

Jennifer - Tonganoxie, KS, Kansas
Entered on May 12, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: death, peace

Killing is wrong

Killing is wrong. I think that it should only be used for hunting and for protection. I also do think that if you are going to have a gun in your household that it should be hidden. That way kids and teenagers don’t have access to it. So that they don’t kill or seriously hurt somebody.

I believe that if it was okay to kill people that there would be no on left on this earth. Everyone would be going around with a gun and be killing people that they hate or that they really dislike a lot for something that that person did a while ago. That made the other person really mad. It is bad enough when you hear on the news that kids are having access to a gun and are shooting people at school. When you hear that someone was on drugs and on alchol and got mad and out of control and shot some people. Or how you hear of kids and their parents how the parents are for sure that their kids don’t do anything wrong to harm or to hurt another person. So the parents aren’t really worried about what there kids do in their everyday activities or what they do with their friends. Also when you hear of a teacher getting shot or get stabbed by a student or possibly by another teacher.

I really do think that too many kids and teenagers have access to a gun and are killing people everyday. I think that they their parents should keep them away from others in the house and keep the key out of sight and out or reach. This is a big reason why I think that killing is really wrong.