This I Believe

Tommy - Tonganoxie, Kansas
Entered on May 12, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

Hurricane Katrina: The Real World

Do you know what Hurricane Katrina did to the suburbs of New Orleans? Over spring break I had the opportunity to travel down to Louisiana. The damage was horrific.

When my flight came in on Thursday it was a rather foggy but though the fog I could see total devastation . As I stared in disbelief, I couldn’t help but listen to the family in front of us talk about there story how they had evacuated the city a few months before.

On the way to my grandparents condo, I was in shock. Down the side streets were demolited . Nearly all of the houses roofs were ripped off or were being rebuilt.

While driving to Baton Rouge , Louisiana we seen everything from boats in the roads to houses in the road. When we arrived to the Gulf of Mexico it looked it had been deserted. What amazed me was that wind and water could do so much damage. I saw a casino ripped right in half like the titanic. A little further down the road was a church, it sides were ripped off and you could see everything neatly inside almost like it hadn’t even been hit.

The ride home was long and tiring. Everyone was in a traumatized state of mode. When we were turning down and under the bridge I asked “Hey, Grandpa why are all those cars under the bridge?”

“When Katrina came through no one had enough time to get there cars after work so they just left them!” Grandpa said

Slowly but surely New Orleans was getting better. I was down there for a week and I could tell that things were all starting to back to normal . Although New Orleans was devastated , people still paraded the on Mardi Gras, and now everyone comes to look What Katrina did. What did Katrina actually do? I believe Katrina knocked down an older city so we can make an even greater one.