This I Believe

Emily - USA
Entered on May 12, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that science is a type of religion. Some men chose to devote their lives to a God who can not be tested, while others devote theirs to a process which must be tested. If each achieves their purpose through hours of research rather than prayer, are they not fulfilled?

A budding scientist begins his most basic training with faith. He must trust his teachers and accept what he sees in a microscope as true. Each experiment may yield new results just as each prayer may bring about understanding. The scientist and the religious man operate in their own realities, and if we create our own realities, who is to say which beliefs are real.

I do not wish to debate the foundation of science nor the existence of God, but rather state my belief that their pursuit and goals are the same. If a patient is sick and a doctor administers treatment while another prays they are both striving for the same end. They achieve fulfillment and enlightenment, each in their own way.

Science and religion are often at odds yet I find each successful in their goals. Science is a religion, this I believe.