This I Believe

Carlien - Palatine, Illinois
Entered on May 12, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: golden rule

I grew up in a respectable, Christian household, where I was raised to “love my neighbor as myself.” Of course that wouldn’t have been that hard to do but when the world is full of criminals, racists, liars, and just “nasty” people, it is hard to find it in your self to “love” them.

We were all taught in our elementary school days, to follow the Golden Rule, “treat others the way that you would want to be treated.” I believe that if everyone were to follow the Golden Rule, the entire human race would get along. There would be no reason to be hurtful or rude to another person because we would never want to be treated in the same manner.

When you think about the times we hurt each other with our actions or words, we also end up hurting ourselves. Why, if we had the opportunity to get along and be kind to one another, would we choose a more destructive behavior instead? We are angered by actions of dishonesty and wrong doing towards us, so why do we expect better treatment from someone else? We don’t deserve it. We could accurately call ourselves “needy hypocrites” that take, take, take and don’t expect to give anything in return. Now days it’s just called “human nature”, the act of being selfish. It’s seen as our lifestyle. But why not incorporate the Golden Rule into our selfish lifestyles. If the only way to be nice and respectful to someone is to think about the fact that we, in return, will get the same respect, then why hesitate.

I believe that people would rather blame each other than accept their own failure. I believe that people would lie to your face in order to save themselves. In contrast, I have faith in man kind and believe that all people are essentially good. I believe in love and happiness. I believe in being kind to strangers. I believe that people should be true to themselves and do what makes them happiest, as long as it doesn’t endanger anyone/anything. I believe that lasting relationships are built off of honest and trust, before love. I believe in treating everyone with the same respect and kindness, regardless of their ethnicity. And I believe in random acts of kindness and courtesy.

Have you ever thought of what our world would be like if everyone got along? What a wonderful place it would be.