This I Believe

Ashley - Inverness, Illinois
Entered on May 11, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

Love with out a doubt, conquers all. I believe that a life without love is no life at all. Contrary to belief, not all love is cliché. There is a deeper more emotional side to true love which is its most rare form. I believe many people do not understand the meaning of unconditional love; it’s rare to find, and hard to keep.

I believe that now days, many people rush to find someone they want to spend the rest of their life with. They proceed by exchanging vows saying they will remain together for better or for worse, which sadly doesn’t always happen. I believe that our world’s biggest fault is that we all just want to be accepted and loved. People jump into relationships that they are not happy with, and marry people they do not love. True love will find you; you do not need to go looking for it. When people start looking for love, they confuse it with lust. Lust is not a lasting emotion, and it fades as time progresses. When people are in love, they will risk it all.

Love is fragile. In unconditional love, there will always be ups and downs. People who truly love one another work through the hard times, and cherish the good times. It’s always easy to give up on the other person, but unconditional love means you are always there; you have someone to cry, to laugh and to share time with. To be in love with one another means to be mutually attracted to each other and to be committed to what life brings. The instant attraction is easy, but finding beauty in your other partner after fifty years of being together is the key. I believe after being with someone for long periods of time makes you question how much you love your partner’s inner self, rather than their appearance.

In the movie The Notebook, Noah says that “the best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes you reach for more, that plants the fire in your heart and brings peace to your mind.” This type of love will last forever, because it is based off of true emotions, which affect your heart and soul. I believe that true love cannot be falsely created and it’s a type of love which will last forever.