This I Believe

Benjamin - Atlanta, Georgia
Entered on May 11, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

A life lived for others is a life worthwhile

As my life and my experiences continue to teach and guide me every day, one mentality and moral remains atop my individual ideology of how I wish to live my life. It has been proven to me time and time again that the world is beautiful. If I’m visiting the beach and meditating by the ocean I feel relaxed and at peace with nature and I see beauty all around me. If I am atop the Empire State Building in New York City looking at the height of American commerce, popular culture, and tourism then again I see other forms of beauty. Finally, if I am sitting around a campfire sharing stories with a group of school friends mostly from different countries, ethnicities, and religions then again, I see beauty. Einstein once said, “A life lived for others is a life worthwhile” and this is where my belief has originated from. My support for this belief has come from deep inside me, where I feel a certain amount of comfort and satisfaction in knowing that I have attempted to positively impact the world around me. In my personal experiences with my environment that has included people, animals, nature, and civilization, I have come to a general understanding that living my life in an attempt to use the world as a stepping stone to becoming “successful” in my own ego-centric way would be a waste. I believe that it is an honorable and morally just way to live in an attempt to be positive and helpful not just to the people you interact with but also to the environment and places you live in. This belief has worked for me in specific cases when I have attempted to comfort friends, family, and often strangers during the times in which these people may need either comfort, outside opinion, or simply an outstretched hand. This type of positive interaction with each person I meet has made me a happier person and has further justified my support in this belief. My interaction with the environment and places that I have lived in has also reflected and justified aspects of this belief. This has included my recycling of the small tops of soda cans, my gardening around the front of my house, my meditation outside and on beach when I have made visits, as well as my volunteer work at parks around the city I live in. I feel as though I’ve made my contribution and will continue to do so because of the personal reward it gives me.