This I Believe

Lisa - Chico, California
Entered on May 11, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

Acceptance From Within

I believe all people want and should be happy with who they are. People often deny themselves the satisfaction of self acceptance, therefore many people rely on self-destructive behaviors, such as drug and alcohol use, to seek a false sense of happiness.

Remember, as a child accepting who you were was quite easy. Looks were not what was important, what was important was interacting with others by playing games, building forts, and using the power of imagination. Sadly, as one grows into an adult many leave this mentality with their childhood.

As people continue to grow it is important to define yourself rather than let outside influences define what makes you who you are, or what you should be. Change yourself because you want to change, not because someone wants you to. I also believe that when people are not happy with themselves they try to change others in an effort to make themselves feel superior.

People should accept themselves and each other as who they are. Do not think anyone is better than you and at the same time do not think you are better than anyone else. Rather, try to understand others because everyone can relate to someone in one way or another. The hard part is breaking down the barriers that have been built through the inevitable process of growing up.

While all people grow up, at some point many begin to read outside influences such as “beauty” magazines or get bombarded with commercials informing them that this is the product that they need if they want to achieve a better life . The advertisements happen to be full of beautiful men and women who appear to be flawless, and super happy, but this is a facade. Many techniques such as air brushing, the right lighting and other tricks of the trade are used to provoke people into buying certain products that will transform them into the gorgeous person seen smiling at them through the television.

With the familiar advertisements fresh in mind many look in front of the mirror and for some reason are disgusted with what they see, but little do they know they are attractive. Many people look at others and envy something that the other has, while simultaneously that other individual looks upon them and envy’s something about them that they for some reason dislike. Everyone is unique and has some quality that another admires and looks at as a desirable.

With this said it is important to embrace what makes you the individual that you are. You have the rest of your life to live with yourself, so why not make the best of it. If someone does not like you for yourself, to bad for them. It is their loss. The road to self acceptance is often a bumpy one, and is often easier said then done. I still have yet to reach full acceptance but am well on my way.