This I Believe

Megann - Adrian, Michigan
Entered on May 11, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

I believe that a world without music is chaos. What would the movies be like if there was no dramatic sequence of notes to let you know that Jaws is coming up behind you, or that you are reaching the climax of the scene where Indiana Jones is about to get captured? The world as I know it would fall.

Music for some represents their livelihood, how they survive from day to day. It has been an important piece of our history. Songs and pictures were the beloved teachers of the middle ages; the songs would tell of great stories of battle and war, love and peace. Through our use of song and music, messages have been passed down from lands of old ranging from great happiness to the sad tone of despair. Then through the grace of time, music has evolved to the great masterpieces of the composing era, and forward to today where pop culture almost seems like it has molded music into its life force from which society survives. Music is everywhere; in stores, advertisements, and with the invention of the mP3 player, with us where ere we go.

But what if that all suddenly did not exist? No music, no singing, no real sound sequence at all. Mozart, Handel, and Beethoven, all their work would be for nothing. Some say that there would be a great peace that would surround the world, capturing its majesty in silence. I say that it would take oh, about three minutes for that philosopher to awaken from his comatose like state, and realize that complete silence is never going to happen.

From the beginning of time, the first music that was ever played was by the hands of God. He, who created the birds of song, the wind through the trees, and the waves of the ocean, gives us his own ornate orchestra –nature. Even if we are silent, if we just listen there is music all around us, and this is why I believe that if there was a world without music there would be chaos.