This I Believe

Kay - Richardson, Texas
Entered on May 11, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65

This I Believe

I believe in imperfection. I believe in snags, and bends, floppy ears, wandering eyes and all the other things that are not perfect. I believe in forgotten jokes, burnt toast, stubbed toes and all the other things that make us laugh when we think back upon them.

The absolute beautiful, perfect, and brilliant are nice and necessary for some things, don’t get me wrong. But the most endearing are the ragged or somehow flawed in us all. We put our best foot forward, but it is the foot that trips that holds us close to each other.

The three legged cat, there to give all the love that he can, jumping off the chair and stumbling is more endearing because he has tried so hard whereas the four legged cat, beautiful, svelte in every way, can gracefully jump down. We remember the three legged cat.

The crippled child, with the power to take your breath away because of a broad smile, and a “can do” attitude. The elderly with their wrinkled hands, fading eyes and treasure trove of knowledge and memories.

The sheets that do not match but the bed is cozy and reminds you of your childhood, the plate that is chipped but the food is warm and shared with friends.

We are so engrossed these days in the pursuit of the best, the most beautiful and the first. Entire days, months, years are spent looking for that perfect thing, to the expense of the actual living among the real, flawed and loveable.

We are exhausted, irritable, and hungry for something more, and then we are stopped in our tracks by the sight of a person helping another get the wheelchair through the door.

Yes, I believe in imperfection, it heals the mind and the soul and lifts the spirit.