This I Believe

Matthew - Rolling Meadows, Illinois
Entered on May 10, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that life is a chain defining events, each one subsequent to the next. These events are set in a particular order and are completely inevitable. No experience can pertain to any social position, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. All pleasures and sufferings occur, solely, to mold you into the being that you are inevitably going to become. For me, fate is a reality. You are who you are completely by fate. Since you have no control of what happens to you, you have no control of your memories. Memory is how you learn. You have no control of what you learn; therefore, you have no control over your thoughts.

I believe that every religion explains existence; therefore, all religions may be correct. An agnostic doubts everything. I do not doubt anything. If all beliefs are accepted as possible, then they may all work together. I can believe that a God created the first cell; the one that eventually evolved into the human race. I can also believe that there was once a Jesus Christ who came to bring faith to that race. And simultaneously, I can believe that we are beings of energy. And the energy that we give off pushes the world around. The Buddhist term Karma can explain reality in the same way as modern physics.

When I am at work, the customer’s mood can negatively affect my own mood, just as a generous driver on the highway can lift my spirits. This shows the chain of events where fate finds foundation. All experiences, all events or emotions, spawn from something else. The world is an endless chain of cause and effect.

I believe that due to this chain, God must be fate. Perhaps a wealthy businessman is laid off from his job. Maybe that causes the him to begin drinking and beating his children. Then perhaps one of his children grows to be a mass murderer or a rapist. All events are relevant. One thing leads into another.

In many ways, I believe it is absolutely impossible to control what you believe, or who you become; however, I notice that people do attempt to change who they are. Although this is all part of the big chain of cause and effect, the discontent that people feel about their own character is only an unnecessary and negative emotion. The paradigm that a person as such creates is harsh, and the problems from which that paradigm exists are inevitably characteristic of the person in discontent. I believe that no matter what life throws at you, you must take it as an individual. No person has the ability to stray from their natural person, so be content with who you are and work with what you got.