This I Believe

Morgan - Chico, California
Entered on May 10, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I believe, it is human instinct to gossip. Why does this happen? For years upon years people have been getting into other’s business, then forwarding the information on. People don’t realize it but they are bombarded with gossip and stories everyday. From the TV to the news papers and tabloids, people are unknowingly invading other people’s private lives.

Back in high school, I remember the random rumors about random people. Who was sleeping with whom? Which boys were supposed to fight after 3rd period? I especially remember the one on one conflicts between people who had heard from a third party that the other “done them wrong”. I believe this is all fueled by gossip and social drama. I believe that no matter what school a person attends or even what country it is in, gossip is present in many forms.

Written gossip is a huge influence on society. I believe that people pay way to much attention to the written word. The news paper, for example, is a source where many people get there information. Tabloids are well known for there fallacy and gossip. How do people know to differentiate the two periodicals? People seem to have an addiction to getting information, especially information about others. I consider all forms of text (based on “true people”) to be gossip do to the fact that people read it with the intent to get information about someone else.

I believe that even television is full of gossip that society feed on. The main source of gossip in television is the news. The news is a compilation of stories about other people’s lives, formed into one source of entertainment. There is no other reason to watch the news, except to hear and see what other people are doing around the world.

Why are people so nosey? I do not have an answer to this question, nor do I see an answer arising in the near future. It seems to me that ever since the radio, television and newspapers come into the world, the development of gossip got bigger. Along with the development, the need and desire seemed to get more intense. That is how gossip came to be today.

I believe that people need to wean themselves away from the gossip and drama. Life is much happier when a person doesn’t have to worry about things that they have heard or read. I believe that society might need to take a step back from the media in order to understand what life is really like.