This I Believe

Keara - Inverness, Illinois
Entered on May 10, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

While I was grocery shopping today I had a revelation. See I am on shorter side height wise, which makes top shelved items a little out of reach. Of course, as my luck would have it, the best cereals are on top. So, today while I was jumping in the cereal aisle, making a fool of myself, a man politely took the box down for me. This is the moment it daunted on me: people really are nice. Despite what the media has been saying, humans really are not all bad. People genuinely care for each other, communities come together in times of crisis, and people aid people they do not even know.

My nice cereal man also changed my mediocre day into a great one. All it takes is a small gesture to affect someone else. This is where I realized that my kindergarten teacher was right; that one smile really does make all the difference, because kindness without any hidden agenda is priceless. Your mood can change in just a few seconds, because happiness really is contagious. That one smile you gave that nice man at the gas station, causes him to let the car in front of him, and that person comes home in a great mood, etc. See in this world we all need one another because we are all connected. This world is beautiful and full of opportunities that each one of us has the power to seize.

Happiness is like a fast moving virus just waiting to jump to the next person. I have hope for the future because I know that people truly I are good, and that we will all come together to better our already beautiful world. This I believe.